How to travel Italy in 2 weeks

I came back from Italy this past weekend after two weeks of travelling with my boyfriend. It was the most amazing and beautiful place, we visited 8 cities (including 1 island) over 13 days. We had a really jampacked itinerary so I thought I would share for anyone who is planning a trip there and needs a little inspiration. Enjoy x

Day 1-3: Sorrento, Amalfi Coast (Capri & Positano)

Catch a flight to Naples and get a bus from the airport to Sorrento from as little as €10. If you want to stay in the Amalfi Coast area Sorrento is a great base to get around and it’s breathtakingly beautiful itself. It has some amazing restaurants and bars and the views from down at the port of Mt. Vesuvius are like nothing I have ever seen before it didn’t look real. Make sure to take a wonder around the main strip and the narrow streets off of it and get lost in the long tiny streets filled with so many shops that sell everything from clothes, to wine and limoncello to homemade sandals. You can find anything in these shops. One restaurant I would highly recommend is Il Giardino Mediterraneo. Try the Carbonara, it’s the best you’ll ever taste trust me and the hospitality from the host and workers is incredible. They are so welcoming and give loads of extra food for your table to try.

While in Sorrento catch a ferry from Marina Piccola to Capri or Positano (or both over two days like we did). A ferry to Capri is only 20 mins and can cost a bit of money for a return ticket but it’s so worth it. You can pre-book tickets online if you want to beat the queues at the port. Once in Capri make sure to take a boat tour around the island to see some of the famous sites such as the Faraglioni rocks to the grotto’s and the famous blue grotto if you don’t mind waiting in the long queue to get in! These run really cheap and you can hop on one at any time while you are there or have some good deals for this. After this make sure to take a trip up to Anacapri, the highest point of the island. From here you can take a chair lift up the top of the island for some amazing views or just walk around the museum grounds which are free and you will see views that are just as amazing. Grab some lunch and don’t forget to try a Limoncello cocktail, it’s delicious!

If you decide to head to Positano on your third day you can catch a ferry again from Marina Piccola and it will take from 1hr to 1hr30mins. Pulling into Positano is like a movie, its hard to believe you’re seeing that famous coastline right before your eyes. Hike up the town to get an even better shot of the colourful houses and shop the narrow streets on your way back down. Grab some lunch along the beach and relax for a few hours on the beach. Be aware that the sun loungers coast €25, we spent our day exploring, sitting by the beach and eating ice cream. You can also rent a boat on the pier if it’s something you’re interested in too but if not you don’t need much time in Positano. Head back to Sorrento each night for some nice dinner and enjoy the atmosphere along Via Corsa Italia.

Days 4-6 Naples & Pompeii 

From Sorrento catch a train or ferry to Naples for a few days of exploring this beautiful city. Go shopping along Via Toledo you will find all kind of shops like Zara, Mango and Pull&Bear to MaxMara and other high end shops if you like that too. Walk along the promenade and see Castel Nuovo and the Royal Palace of Naples. You can see all the boats here and Mt. Vesuvius in all it’s glory across the water. If you walk along the promenade you could walk for about 6-7km taking in the view and there is a lot of restaurants along here too if you want some dinner with an amazing view.

On your second day in Naples head to Pompeii to explore the city that was once lost under volcanic ash and step back in time in history. If you are a history nerd like me and my boyfriend then you cannot miss this it was one of the highlights of the trip for us. We booked our tour with and we got the Campania express train from Porto Nolana in Naples and it stopped right outside the entrance to the city. Out tour guide Sonja was amazing I couldn’t recommend her enough or the company, she was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about everything that it made the day so much more enjoyable even if it was 35 degree heat! It’s crazy to hear and see things about Pompeii that you are not taught in school. Our tour was 3 hours and afterwards you were allowed wonder around yourself freely for as long as you wish to continue taking pictures. You can catch the train back to Naples for the evening and roam around or relax as you please.

Our last day we again just wondered around ate some ice-cream and did some more shopping and took some pics. We did do a tour of Castel Nuovo which was €6 each I believe and we spent about an hour there. We ate dinner along the promenade and headed back to back our bags to start our second week exploring.

Day 7-11 Sicily: Catania & Taormina 

We caught a flight direct from Naples to Catania to start our Sicily adventure and we met Rafa’s cousin Daryl. We chose Catania because we got some relaxation in for the last few days while we were there but also got to see Catania city and Taormina which is a hillside town about an hour from Catania. On our first day we just wandered around Catania and visited the Piazza Duomo for a view of Mt. Etna and the entire city, it was incredible. We stayed up there for sunset and it was so peaceful and one of my favourite moments from the holiday. After this we went and got a bottle of Limoncello to drink at our airbnb and got ready to head for dinner. We went to Carlito’s and it was without a doubt the nicest mexican food I have ever had.

Our second day in Catania we were supposed to climb Mt. Etna but being the chicken that I am I backed out when I found out that it had erupted the week before so instead we went to Taurmina which was incredible and well worth the last minute decision. We got a private transfer there and back and spent about 5 hours there in total. We got to see the greek amphitheater, beautiful architecture and cute streets and lanes. It was very picturesque. We got lunch with an incredible view and then headed back to Catania for our last night in the city.

From the city we went to the beach for 3 amazing days by the beach, it was bliss after the hectic first week we had put down it was nice to just be able to relax and do nothing. It was around now that our feet started to hurt because they were finally getting a rest lol. We stayed at the NH hotel which had its own private beach area with sun loungers and it had a pool. These few days consisted of just going to the beach/pool relazing for a hours, going for lunch and then back to beach/pool for more relaxing and sunbathing before heading back to get ready for dinner.

Day 12-14

For the last leg of our journey we flew from Catania to Rome. We would be in Rome for 2 days before flying home. We had both been to Rome on separate occasions so we both went knowing exactly what we wanted to see and knew we didn’t want to do any tours as we’d already done them. We went to see the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Trevi Fountain during the day and at night, Spanish Steps and the Pantheon. Between all this we also went shopping and Rafa brought me to get sandals made from a place called Oriani which are stunning and I love them!! If you want to book tours The Vatican is good but can be very long you may want to this yourself without a guide and the Colosseum is worth the visit too. Rome is one of my most favourite places in the world that I have been as has Italy as a whole. It’s an extraordinary country to travel and its enriched with so much history that we only wish we had one more week to do more.

That was how we traveled Italy for 2 weeks and I hope it helped anyone who is planning on visiting there, we’ve been home a few days now and already have the holiday blues. Make sure to follow our instagrams I’ll link them down below so you can see our highlights and pictures. I have also linked the restaurants I mentioned if you click on their names and the hotels etc. Thanks for taking the time to read! Kellie x

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What to do in Tokyo (must sees).

Hi, it’s been so long since I posted here and I don’t know why. But I got a new job and I travelled a lot last year. I went to Tokyo, Hong Kong and the Philippines in June 2018. I even got to see Singapore for a night because we missed our connecting flight to Manila 🙈

In this post I wanted to share some of my experience in Tokyo, Japan. First off, it’s one of the best cities in the world and I cannot wait to get the chance to go back there again. It was incredible, so fast paced and a world away from my small city limerick here in Ireland. Everything was amazing and the people were so nice and helpful. We stayed in the Minato area it was very easy to get around from there once we figured out the underground 😊

On our first day there we got there around 1pm but we were very tired and we flew from Manila which was a 4 hour flight so we were up around 12 hours at this point because we got a bus from Dagupan to Manila which was looong. So we ended up napping when we got there 😴When we woke up we freshened up and first stop was after some delicious food was:

Tokyo Tower, a communications and observation tower in the Minato area. It kind of looks like the Eiffel Tower and it’s amazing. It’s so big and when it lights up at night it’s incredible. Leading up to the tower is a beautiful park with a temple (this was closed as it was night time) and loads of trees, you forget you’re in a very busy city. Under the tower there is a museum and shops and a restaurant outside too. There was also a vending machine where you could buy waffles they looked good but very sweet 😂

The Imperial Palace, after a good nights sleep day two our first stop was the palace. We decided to walk there even tho it took awhile but we felt we’d see more and we did. Home to the Emperor the palace sits on an amazing park like area in the Chiyoda ward area of Tokyo. It has many building structures including museums, the private residences of the imperial family and the main palace itself. We got to see the changing of the guards which was very cool and I also liked the fact that it was free entry. You cannot go into the inner grounds palace itself but you can walk around the entire outer grounds which there’s a lot to see. The museum about the history of the imperial family was very interesting and the gardens are breathtaking.

Shibuya, the busiest intersection in the world. It’s insane how busy this gets at every crossing, even tho you see videos of it and pics unless you see it in person it’s hard to fathom how busy it actually is. It’s also a very good shopping district and the forever 21 there is so good!! The only thing I didn’t like was the shops in the 109 building. Every time I picked up clothes (except in Adidas) a member of staff came over to inform me that everything was only one size. Literally every time. Meaning for me, even tho I’m a uk 10 they weren’t going to fit. Nevertheless the other shops around Shibuya were all good and well known so I didn’t struggle to find clothes in those. I would also recommend the Hooters in the area, DELISH. Especially the nachos 🤤

Senso-ji, an ancient Buddhist temple and the oldest temple in Tokyo it’s so beautiful. The temple itself and the entrance are so lavish and stunning. Leading up to the temple there’s a long stretch of stalls where you can buy pretty much everything from souvenirs and clothes to food and Samoyed swords. It’s very busy there but free to enter again and well worth a visit. There’s loads on the grounds and across from the shrine is a 5 story pagoda. And beautiful flowers and trees are all around the grounds. If you visit definitely make a wish and see if your wish comes true you’ll find loads of these places around the temple. And take a drink from the fountain in front of the temple it’s said to bring good luck.

Akihabara, Tokyo’s electronic district. If you’re into your technology or electronics or like me and your boyfriend or girlfriend loves it definitely visit Akihabara. As soon as you come out of the station it’s a boom of lights like Times Square. You see people dressed up a lot around here too it’s pretty cool.

Shinjuku, Tokyo’s entertainment district. It’s a hustle and bustle of lights and arcades at night time which was when we went. We unfortunately didn’t win anything despite Rafa’s determination to get a prize at one of the arcades. It was funny to watch. It’s also the red light district in Tokyo, you’ll know this by the big red light that leads you down the main strip and also leading to the arcades. (I’m assuming it’s a sign to indicate this I could be wrong lol) but it’s a very busy area again like all of Tokyo and it’s a fun area and safe enough despite the bars just make sure to stick with whoever you’re with like in all countries.

Mystays premier inn, we stayed in this hotel in the Minato-Hamamatsucho area and it was so nice. I would definitely recommend, there was a 7eleven around the corner and it was very close to the Tokyo tower and a train station to help get around. It was also near loads of amazing restaurants, we ate at one that was amazing we cooked our own steak and even though the chefs and waiter couldn’t speak English it was one of the best experiences ever. They were so lovely and it was very small so it was just so nice. The name of the restaurant is in Japanese but if you search dans Minato it’s right next door. I would deffo check it out again when we go back.

That was our last stop in Tokyo we left for Hong Kong the next morning so I think I’ll write another post on that soon and definitely one about the Philippines.

Thanks for reading,


I lost my passion…

Hello it’s been awhile, a year to be exact. I’m sorry. I have sat down to write this post for some months now and just haven’t been able to. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to even talk about because I had lost my passion for writing somewhere along the way and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I know it’s easy for people to say ‘oh it’s only writing’ but for me it’s what I have wanted to do since I was little, the thought of being a writer made me burst with excitement, so how do I lose that? I think I started to lose it when I failed a module in my final year of college meaning I couldn’t graduate on time or with my class. That hit me hard. Although it was only a small bump in the road it still made me feel useless, like my work wasn’t good enough. I’m slowly finding my passion again and I couldn’t be happier, because while the last year has been bad on my writing and my blog it has also been one of the best year’s of my life all because of one person. I hate being the soft, mushy person that brags about their boyfriend but this is one of those times I’ll allow it. He is so supportive of my blog and my writing that he is the one who has made me believe in myself again and get my mojo back. I am a very lucky girl, he’s definitely a keeper. But, besides just him it’s a been a big year career wise I got promoted in work, eventually graduated in January this year and I got to travel a little and finally see New York and go back to London one my most favourite cities in the whole world.

So what are the plans for now? Well come June I will be travelling Asia! I am going to Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines where my boyfriend is from and I couldn’t be more excited. A little scared for the injections before I go and the fact I’ve to take malaria tablets and the side effects but it will all be worth the experience. EEEK!!! So I plan on not only blogging about my trip but vlogging a bit of it too, my boyfriend has a go pro and what better time to use it and capture the amazing memories. I hope I tan though because I’m probably one of the whitest people on the planet and being Irish doesn’t help, it may take awhile to tan but I think I’ll get there. Until then my next few posts will be about how I’m prepping for my holiday ie, my clothes, injections and stuff like that but also getting back into fashion and makeup my other two favourite things!

I’ll put some images below of my last 12 months so you can get a snippet of it and I hope you’ll stay tuned for the next post!

Xo, Kellie.


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Why are eye-creams so important?

I’ve always been a massive skincare addict ever since I was a young teenager but the one thing I never used in my daily routine until a few years ago was eye cream. When I was about 18/19 I noticed I had terrible lines under my eyes, they had come from nowhere and I was so upset. I thought I had wrinkles! Alas, I just needed to start using eye cream to help them out and now 3 years later my under eye area is better than ever.

Recently, I got sent a link to’s article on all things eye cream and I thought it was very interesting. In it it goes through the best recommendations for any problem you may be facing in your under eye area and goes into extensive research on the ingredients used in eye creams and what ingredients you should cut out because they can cause irritation, these include;

  • parabens
  • fragrances
  • mineral oils

It then goes into detail about the good ingredients we should use on our eyes and what ones work best for every different type of under eye problem ie, retinods work for wrinkles.

I got so much information from this article and I think you guys should definitely check it out too if you love your skincare and don’t know where to begin with your under eyes like me. I can’t wait to try some of the recommendations and I’ll be sure to give an update.

My own personal favourite eye cream range is from Estée Lauder, they’re so good for my undereye lines and bags! I’ve listed more information about how these ones work in my skincare post a few weeks back.

Xo, K.

Mother’s Day MOTD 💖

I went for dinner with my family for Mother’s Day on Sunday to celebrate with my Mam and Nannie. I decided to do some glam makeup for the evening and was so happy with how it turned out! My gold plate choker is from Warehouse and I’m wearing Foxylocks extensions in Latte Blonde.

Xo, K.
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