Lauren’s Way Glam Tan- Review.

I recently started using ‘Lauren’s Way’ after hearing glorious reviews online and I must say that it is one of the best self tanners I have used. The brand owner Lauren Goodger really made sure this brand has become an established one. It leaves a gorgeous glow that doesn’t streak or patch after a few days wear and by using the ‘Lauren’s Way Body Polish’ and ‘Lauren’s Way Tan Enhancer’ you can really prolong your tan and make it look even more natural and gorgeous. As some people who use and try a lot of different self-tanners know, the smell that a lot of them leave can be quite curry like and often a bit clammy. Whereas this tan leaves a rather nice smell. This line does not stop at just tan products, but also includes false eyelashes, hair extensions and hair rollers. A review on the eyelashes will be next, as they have a range of both day and night ones. Until then, this is a photo of the tan from a couple of days ago!



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