Naked3 Makeup Look: Soft and Romantic <3

This is a look I created for a friend yesterday, it is using only the Naked3 and Naked Basics pallettes and some lashes for that something extra. It is very easy to recreate and looks gorgeous on everybody. To create this look yourself just keep reading..

Eye-Primer: Eden- Urban Decay

Lid: Walk of Shame (all over)

Crease: Naked2(BLEND, BLEND, BLEND)

Naked3 Colours:

Mix both Nooner and Liar on the same brush and BLEND this all the way from inner corner to outer corner of your crease. (Keep blending until you are happy with the result.) Also, blend these colours into your bottom eyelid to open them up and complete the look.

If you want jazz it up and add a bit more depth to the eye take a little bit of Factory and blend this down the outer corner of the eye and up into the crease again.

Take a flat synthetic brush and then dust Jazz and Burnout onto the rest of the lid. (Do as much as you are comfortable with)

Hightlight: Use Venus on both the inner tearduct and eyebrow bone.

Other products used:

Hello Flawless Foundation (Ivory)- Benefit Cosmetics

Bo-ing concealer (Fair) (under eye)-Benefit Cosmetics

Natural Collection Liquid Concealer (Fair) (forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones)

Hoola Bronzer for Contour- Benefit Cosmetics

Rockateur Blush- Benefit Cosmetics

Soft and Gentle Skin Finish- M.A.C

Brow-zings- Benefit Cosmetics

CK Black Gel Eyeliner- Calvin Klein

Primark Lashes in Natural- Penneys

The Nuder the Better Lipstick- Catrice Cosmetics

Hello Flawless Setting Compact Powder- Benefit Cosmetics

Happy Makeovers, xoxo


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