Lauren’s Way Darker Than Dark Review <3

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Hello my loves ❤

I decided to do an updated review on ‘Lauren’s Way’  because I have changed up the tan that I now use from the line. I used to be a lover of the original ‘Glam Tan’ and just recently she brought out a new ‘Darker Than Dark’ range for all us tan lovers! I have the the entire range and I thought it would good to share my views and thoughts on it. This post will be about the moose in the collection and I will also do more posts on the new ‘Glam Tan’ and the Lotion.

Starting with the packaging, it is simply beautiful and looks very high end for such an affordable tan! I AM OBSESSED! ❤ Unlike a lot of tanning products on the market, Lauren’s Way doesn’t have that horrible curry-like smell that we all hate!! Instead I find that it smells a lot like white chocolate when you first put it on but as it develops the smell disappears.  Because it has a new formula and it’s a darker tan the colour is also one that shows up straight-away so it is very easy to correct any streaks you have left when applying. It goes on smoothly and evenly to give everyone that gorgeous tanned skin that everyone craves 🙂 And as shown below you will see the results this tan gives immediately!!


To apply this tan you need a tanning mitt but also make sure you moisturize and exfoliate for a couple of days prior to application for the best results! I also use the Lauren’s  Way Tan Enhancing Moisturizer and Body Polish to help keep my colour even and longer lasting 🙂

I can honestly say that this is my holy grail tan and I can never say anything bad about it! It is a tan I recommend to everybody and get complimented on all the time. And now the website delivers to Ireland. Find below links to where you can buy this tan and also a link to my previous post on it 🙂



  • Prices in £

  • Prices in €



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