Top 5 Nude Lipsticks <3

So these are my top 5 holy grail nude lipsticks and swatches. I could not live without them, and you guys know how much I love a nude lip ❤

  • 5: MAC – Hue 

I am in love with colour! It was introduced into my life by one of my best friends and I have thanked my lucky stars that I found it. It’s creamy and the perfect colour to go with any makeup look, whether you want to dress it up or down 🙂


  • 4: MAC – Creme d’Nude

The name of this lipstick explains it all, it is a creamy nude. It’s more on the peachy nude side but an amazing colour to have in any collection. I find that it suits better with a tan and doesn’t mute the lips like some tend to do 🙂


  • MUA – Bare

This drugstore lipstick is amazing, even though it doesn’t last as long as a high end lipstick would. It goes with any look and is very  smooth and leaves a matte-ish finish. It’s a pinkish nude colour so it looks beautiful on all skin tones. I always find myself reaching for it for a night out too ❤


  • 2: MAC – Viva Glam II

This pinky nude colour is very similar to MUA – Bare but more creamy. It is an amazing nude and looks good on everybody. It’s one of those shades that really makes your lips pop even though it’s a nude. Viva Glam II is to die for ❤

MAC Lipstick Collection 2


  • 1: Catrice – Be Natural

My all time favourite nude is a drugstore one! I have used in a lot of tutorials and I honestly couldn’t live without it in my life. It’s on the peachy/orangy side but still looks amazing on the lip. The creamy texture is so soft and smooth, that it just glides on ❤ What more do you want in life!!





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