Everyday Skincare Routine! <3

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you my everyday skincare routine that I follow religiously! I find it really helps me achieve that soft, extra clean face that is blemish free every day 🙂

ps. Lack of posts is because my camera was broken so I couldn’t upload any pictures #majorsadface! But I’m back now so, thumbs up for more posts!! ❤

To start off I should tell you what type of skin I have, Normal-Oily Skin! My O-zone (mouth and chin) tends to get oily whereas the rest of my face is normal.

  • First off I wash my face with warm water every morning to open my pores so I can get a deep cleanse!
  • I use a mask to refresh my skin, I don’t leave it on for the recommended time of 15 minutes because it can irritate, so instead I wash it off after about 1 🙂 I use the one below!

skin The Body Shop Blue Corn 3-IN-1 Deep Cleansing Mask.


  • I just recently started using the Fearne Cotton Body Polish as an exfoliater and because it has so many micro-beads in it as well as a moisturizer it does two jobs in one! I only use a small amount and focus on the areas that I think need it most! 🙂

After all this I pat my skin dry and then move straight onto my final steps which is moisturizing!

  • I use the Benefit Skincare which consists of an eye cream to help brighten and conceal dark circles, face emulsion to hydrate the skin and a moisturizer to lock everything in and keep your skin looking and feeling fresh ALL DAY! ❤ #holygrailproducts


  • I repeat these steps twice a day, except at night time I use a moisturizer to help my skin as I sleep. I am currently using the No.7 Essential Moisture one!

I have been doing this routine for some time now comment below if you guys have any tips or any new products for me to try out!


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