How To: Natural Contour and Hightlight

Hello beautiful, this is my everyday highlight and contouring routine! For nights out I step it up a little bit but this is something that you can use for those days when you just want to add a little dimension to your face 🙂 Let’s get started!!

  • Start off with by applying a concealer 1 shade lighter than your skin in a triangular shape under your eyes! Also, in a small fan on your forehead, chin and down the center of your nose 🙂


  • Blend that out with any brush/beauty blender!
  • Apply a bronzer (matte) under your cheekbones (Heart-Shaped Face) or on your cheekbones (more chiseled face) and up unto the side of your forehead!


  • Blend this upwards to give your cheeks a more lifted and sculpted appearence!
  • Apply they rest of your makeup, blush, eyeshadow etc. and this will make your face more carved out!


I do this everyday that I wear makeup because it only takes approx 2 minutes and it brings your look together! For nights out I step it up and use more products in more places but that for a different day ❤

143, XO


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