DIY: Make-Up Brush Spray! <3

For the past couple of months I have been using a spray, that I myself made, to help freshen up my brushes in between washes. For example, after I finish my makeup I will spray them so they are not as dirty the next day I use them! I wash my brushes weekly but that doesn’t mean I don’t want clean brushes throughout the week either right? 😉 So to learn how to make my little holy grail item then continue reading! ❤



What You Will Need:

  • Spray Bottle (with a top that comes off)
  • Soap
  • Oil (you can even use one for your hair)
  • Makeup Remover (optional)
  • Water (lukewarm-hot)


  • Pour some makeup remover into the bottle. (Just a small amount)
  • Put one/two squirts of hand soap into the bottle.
  • Add two drops of oil. This is to condition the brushes 🙂
  • Fill the bottle with water and shake until  a lather has formed. This is when you know it has mixed!!
  • Before each use, shake the bottle to make sure the brushes are being freshened properly ❤

IMG_4309 IMG_4311IMG_4310IMG_1354

This is a very quick and simple makeup trick that I think everyone will love! It uses things that you are bound to have at home so it’s also inexpensive and everybody loves that ❤


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