October Favourites 2014 <3

Hello my sweets, so this is my first favourites post! I have never done one before because I always tended to stick to the products I was comfortable with but his month I really started trying new things and thought I would share with you ❤


I have always admired this colour from afar but I decided to jump on the bandwagon this month and get it! The best decision I have ever made because I use it every night out for the perfect smokey eye 🙂 I love it even more because it really compliments my ‘extremely’ green eyes! Keep posted for a tutorial featuring this bad boy!


  • ‘ROCKATEUR’ Benefit

I have owned this blush for about a year now but always found it just a bit ‘meh’. It’s been only in the last two months I’ve been really using it and I’m sorry I didn’t use it sooner! It’s amazing, and it gives your cheeks that perfect glow without being ‘too-much’ if you get me? It will look amazing on pale-skinned girls for that perfect rosy cheek ❤


  • ‘FAINT’ Urban Decay Naked Basics 1

Hell has officially frozen over because I am not using ‘Brow-Zings’ anymore to fill in my brows! I have been loving this shade for my eyebrows lately and I just recently dyed my hair darker brown so it go so well with my new colour! ❤ It really makes my eyebrows defined and on-point if I do say so myself 😉


That is all for beauty, I haven’t tried any new foundations but hopefully November will change that! ❤ Next up is hair, and I have three things to take about all by the same company; AUSSIE.


This ‘miracle-moist’ line has completely changed my hair. I always took care of my hair but because I dye it often and have bleached it as well as use lots of heating tools my hair hair has become dry and damaged over the years. This stuff has changed that and not only can I see a difference, but my friends and family do too. They smell heavenly, like blueberry-strawberry bubblegum-goodness? If that makes any sense? 😛 But if you have hair like mine then I definitley recommend you give these a try 🙂


That’s it guys, next up is another tutorial! I’ve been slacking in these and I need one up ASAP. ❤


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