College Update!!

I have finally reached Week 12 of my first semester and it is very much a bitter-sweet feeling. I am so glad to have a few weeks off but on the other hand I won’t be returning to UL until January 2016! #WHAT!! This is for two reasons:

  • I will be starting Co-Op on January 15th 2015 for 6 months. I will be teaching in a school and I’m so excited. I myself went to this school so to get the chance to go back and teach there next year is amazing 🙂

  • I will be moving to Tarragona, Spain in September 2015 to attend University for 5 months as part of the Erasmus programme. I am buzzing to go to and I am going to 3 really good friends of mine that I met in college! We all do the same course and have become SO close over the last year, in particular Kate. The thoughts of going on this adventure with her is so amazing and I just know we’re going to have an amazing time (We’re the same person so it won’t be hard :)! ) I’m also contemplating vlogging while I’m there but I haven’t decided yet!

Finishing up college this week also means that it will be the last time I see a lot of my college friends for a year who will be going abroad for both Co-Op and Erasmus 😦 #megasadfacehere We need to make the most of these last few weeks ❤

*Over the next two weeks my blog posts may be a little slow with going up because I am going to be crammed with essays to do as well as an exam in two weeks time. But I will be back on track afterwards 🙂

This semester has gone by so quickly and I’m so excited for the year ahead ❤

Thanks for Reading,

XO, K.

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