My Signature Scent..

I always get complimented on the perfume I wear. So much so that my friends have now associated the perfume with being ‘Kellie’s smell’ rather than ‘Signature by Victoria Beckham’. 😛

I love this perfume because it’s fresh, floral and relatively cheap too. It has jasmine notes in which I think attracted me to the scent waaay back in like 2009 I would say? :O But I have gone through so many bottles since then and I am currently on my third this year. Yes I wear it that much *insert monkey emoji* hahaha

The bottle is just as adorable with the floral print at the back, can you tell I fangirl over this frickin perfume? 😛


Anyways, here’s a list of the notes in the perfume and I think you should all try it or at least smell it! And let me know what ye think of it or if any of ye wear it and love it ❤

  • floral
  • patchouli
  • powdery
  • jasmine
  • soft spicy
  • vanilla

Xo, K.

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