The Fall Favourites Tags 🎃❤️

We are officially in Autumn, eeep. 🙈 This is my favourite of year so I thought I would do a tag for you guys that was created by Jaclyn Hill only a couple of days ago and being the loyal subscriber that I am I did my own one.💋 👑It’s really fun and I tag all you guys to do it too. Hope you enjoy❤️

  • Favourite Candle?

Without doubt Yankee Home Sweet Home. It’s perfect for this time of year and nothing better than coming home to your room and smelling that warm scent right? That’s when you know that the cold is coming and you can cuddle up on the couch and watch lots of Netfix😍❄️

  • Favourite Lip  Colour?

Although I personally hate purple on my lips any time if the year I do love a deep, dark, rich wine shade. I currently use Essence lip liner Soft Berry. I am going to buy MAC Media this weekend and I cannot wait to wear it💋

  • Favourite Drink?

HOT CHOCOLATE WITH CREAM AND MARSHMELLOWS!! I don’t like coffee of any kind so my go to drink this time of year has to be hot chocolate, everyone and their mother drinks it and its just perfect for autumn/winter. BB’S have the best hot chocolate and Dairy Milk comes a close second☕️🍫

  • Favourite Blush?

I am not a blush girl, unless its Margin then I am all for it. So I usually go with a bronzed cheek all year round and i tend to stick to this in Autumn too because I love the warm look it gives my skin. I love Benefit Hoola for this because it’s the perfect shade for me but if I had to pick a blush specifically I would choose Benefit Sugabomb because it has the perfect mixture of pink, coral, bronze and orange😍

  • Favourite clothing item? 

I am in love with boots this time of year, especially dark brown ones that lace up and come to your ankle. I had a few pairs but had to throw them out because they were old so I’m thinking its time to do and do some shopping this weekend👏🏼💁🏼

  • Favourite Fall Movie?

If everyone does say Hocus Pocus are you really even in love with Autumn or Halloween?🎃 I have been watching this movie my whole life and was always super excited every October when it would be shown on RTE1 as the Big Big Movie the Saturday before Halloween. I have seen it so many times that I can repeat it, which I am very proud of because in my opinion they really haven’t made a Halloween movie like this ever since!!👻

  • Favourite Fall TV Show?

My favourite show this time of year is Once Upon A Time simply because it returns late September (this Sunday to be exact) and I’m hooked, excuse the pun, with it. It’s such a good show and I always recommend it to people because it’s so easy to get into and the storyline is pretty amazing! Watch it, even if its just for Colin O’Donoghue as Hook.😍🚢

  • Favourite Thanksgiving Food?

Here in Ireland we don’t have Thanksgiving so I’ll just go with Christmas dinner because that’s always a huge family affair here. Aunt Betsy’s Stuffing Balls are the best creation at Christmas ever!!!!! We can only get them here between November and January and I swear I stock up every year to last me awhile, they are frickin BOMBBB people!🍰

  • Favourite Halloween Costume?

This year is the one I am most excited about but judging on my previous Halloween costumes I would go with the year me and my cousin had the same witches costume that my grandmother bought for us in England.👭 It was black with long purple sleeves and a belt with a matching hat. We were really cute because I think we were only about 4/5? My photos are currently in the attic so I will try get them out but just incase here’s a photo from last Halloween when I dressed up as a Zombae with my best friend Nicole (ps Nicole if you’re reading this hey boo)😘


Hope you guys enjoyed this post and do one of your own. Don’t forget to check out Jaclyn’s original video on her youtube channel and subscribe because she’s am-az-ballz.

Xo, K.

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