My Tanning Routine!

Hey beauts so I’m always asked by my friends which tan I use because it looks so natural. Even though I’m an into being like a bronzed up goddess I always only go two shades darker than my skin tone, just like when I’m contouring. I go between two tans and a tanning shimmer oil for that extra bit.


  • Before you do anything always make sure to have moisturized for about three days before just to make sure your tan goes on as smooth as possible.
  • Always shave the day before or the day after and NEVER on the day you are going to tan. This prevents your pores being clogged and those black dots on our legs that you get from applying it the day you shave!
  • Now that you have your skin prepped it’s time to tan. I find using a tan mitt best for this. Apply some tan to the mitt and rub in circular motions all over your body to blend it all so that you are not left with those dreaded streaks.
  • If you’re using a developing tan then I would suggest doing this before you go to bed because you can sleep while it develops and wash then the next morning.
  • If you are tanning for a night out or a special occasion and you want to go that extra mile I recommend using a tanning shimmer oil. This adds a glow to your tan and because it is made specifically to give you a bronzed glow it doesn’t deter from your own tan, instead it’s slightly pigmented so it adds a little extra bronze.
  • There you have it you’re all set, down below are what I love to use 🙂


My Favourite Products:

  1. Nivea Body Lotion
  2. Shower Gel for shaving  (I have sensitive legs) 
  3. Penneys Tanning Mitt
  4. Lauren’s Way Darker Than Dark Moose, Rimmel Sun Shimmer Developing Tan 
  5. Cocoa Brown Tanning Oil which is a dupe for the Nuxe one 😉 

Let me know below what you’re favourite tans are, I’m always on the hunt for new ones!!

Xo, K.

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