It’s Red Carpet Season… (Collab)

Red carpet season is upon us and today we’re talking about fashion. But, this post is a little different as I’m going to be talking about men’s fashion.

I’ve collaborated with Tommy John on this post to bring you what I would want to see one of my favourite actors wearing on the red carpet. I picked Leonardo DiCaprio because let’s face it the man can go no wrong during award season but he plays it a little safe. Still love him though ❤️.

First up, the man himself.

Next, what I would want him to wear!

Leo plays it safe but I think he pulls off grey the best. Because I work in a high end department store I’m lucky enough to pass through menswear everyday and see the new styles so I picked this dark grey Paul Smith London suit. Pair it with a steel colour tie or black for that classic look and he’s basically a god. 😂😍

The one thing I actually can’t stand though are brown shoes, so Leo if you see this style guide please wear black to match that tie 😉


Now you can’t forget underwear. Tommy John offer an amazing range of underwear for men, they have everything you could need from boxers to undershirts and even socks. With no adjustment needed, Tommy John promises to offer underwear that keeps everything in place, socks that stay up and shirts that stay tucked in. (I told you it’s a one stop shop).

Now Leo can enjoy the Oscars after party without having to worry about any mishaps that may happen in front of the paparazzi 🙈

Check this link to find out more about Tommy John and you can see for yourself how amazing their range is. Who knows you might find something for your boyfriend, Valentine’s Day is coming up 😊

Xo, K.

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