My Inglot Products ❤️

When I was in Poland back in April I went to the Inglot store and bought loads of amazing products. So I thought I would share with you and give a little review 🙂

Freedom System Palette: 

  • Blush shade 127
  • Contour shade 505
  • Powder shade 503

img_4845        img_4755
I’m obsessed with the blush, a little goes such a long way! So pigmented and give a beautiful  flush to the cheeks.

The contour shade is very similar to Hoola by benefit in terms of how it works on my skin expect it’s darker so it’s great when I’m tanned! Such a good contour shade.

The setting powder doesn’t really work for me, it has a pink undertone but other than that it does set my concealer nicely so I mix it with my banana powder to make it work and it’s perfect.

  • Eyehadow 413
  • Eyeshadow 110
  • Eyeshadow 358
  • Eyeshadow 445
  • Eyeshadow 329
  • Eyeshadow 307

img_4852            img_4853
I’m in love with all the eyeshadows especially 329, it’s the perfect dark brown with no undertone 🙌🏻  cannot wait to invest in more.

  • Sparkle Dusts, 85 (left) & 31 (right)

img_4848     img_4846
As you can see 85 photographs different to what it looks like without a flash, it looks amazing on and I always get so many compliments when I wear either of them.

  • Lipstick 403
  • Lipliner 63

The lipstick is very matte but my perfect matte nude shade! It’s my go-to Colour that goes with everything and the liner is amazing too, I cannot get enough of these!

I also bought duraline but it burns me 😩

This was my first time trying out inglot and I’m so happy with everything I bought. I can’t recommend them enough. ❤️ Let me know below what you love from inglot I would love to try them out!

Xo, K.

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