Back To College ❤️


Hey beauts, so today I’m going to share with you some outfits I will be taking inspiration from this upcoming University semester. I am obsessed with the colours green, grey and navy right now so be prepared for those colours to pop up often 🙈😂🎓

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College Update!!

I have finally reached Week 12 of my first semester and it is very much a bitter-sweet feeling. I am so glad to have a few weeks off but on the other hand I won’t be returning to UL until January 2016! #WHAT!! This is for two reasons:

  • I will be starting Co-Op on January 15th 2015 for 6 months. I will be teaching in a school and I’m so excited. I myself went to this school so to get the chance to go back and teach there next year is amazing 🙂

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College Year Two!! <3

keep calm

I started back at college this past week and it has been CRAZY. This is a big reason for no posts being uploaded in the past week because I have been rushing to get everything organised and making sure that I have all that I need, including those essential outfits and a look for my perfect everyday fall look 🙂

I am a second year student and I love my university, my friends are amazing, my course is amazing and the nights out are amazing! I am so lucky to have a great school so close to where I live so I don’t have to move out of home. (I’m a small bit of a home-bird hehe) I study New Media and English and I ❤ it! I could not have picked a better course, it’s so me! It’s because of this course that I became interested in blogging and it lead to my own little online beauty world that I can share with you guys 😀

I’m going to do more posts like this every second week or so just so you amazing people can get a feel as to what my everyday life is like! I’m going to start with ‘Fresher’s Week’! I don’t know if ye have these in other countries or if ye call them different names but basically its the first back to college and it’s a time that us Irish do what we do best and DRINK! While we drink our hearts out we also go to college everyday, hungover and tired. But hey, there is a harp on my passport after all 😉

This years headlining act for Freshers Week was ‘Scouting For Girls’. A band that I have been a fan of since the beginning and it was amazing to finally see them live! It was a great night and everyone had the banter, it was ninety! The after party was good too, *I am very lucky to still have my friends from Secondary School in my life! They make my nights out and we’ve been friends since we were all 15/16.

All week there has been activities on campus with competitions and free pizza, who can say no to that? Since the weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week in Ireland the atmosphere in college has been great, everyone is in high spirits! GO WOLVES. Tonight is the last night and who knows what is going to go down! Between paint parties, pj parties to Scouting For Girls, this Freshers week has been a one to remember.

Keep posted for more student antics 😉


Group Project!

Over the last few weeks in Digital Media, myself and three others have been working together on a group project. It was bases on landmarks in Limerick, and ours was on the Mathew Bridge. The bridge is located in the city center and it was relatively easy to locate because I am from Limerick so I knew how to get there. We learned about why it was built, who built it and its design. It was really interesting to do this project because I never really knew much about the bridge beforehand and this gave me much more knowledge on it. We have set up a wiki page about this project and everything we found on it here at this link- , make sure to try check it out 🙂

Tweasure Hunt!..

Last week our Digital Media class broke off into groups of 4-5 people and took part of a challenge set to us by our lecturers.  Our task was to go to certain areas of the UL campus using clues and then we had to take pictures of what we found when we got to the correct location. It was great craic, and you got to know other people taking the same module as ourselves!

As a group I got on really well with the others, there was no awkwardness and we all hit it off straight away! We learned together just how bloody big the campus is and how long it would take to see everything (a very long time).

We posted pictures on twitter using #ixdm13. Those will come later, promise!