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I know this was meant to go up yesterday but something came up and I didn’t have the time 😦 anyways, its better late than never right? 😉 This is my go-to everyday look when I’m going to college and don’t have a lot of time to get ready. It takes me between 15-20 minutes depending. Let’s jump in!

NB: I didn’t use any foundation with this look, I just used cream concealers!!

  • Prime your face and apply concealer in a triangular shape on the forehead, under eyes and chin. Down the bridge of your nose and along your jawline. You can blend all this out, or you can then use a darker cream concealer to contour your cheekbones, nose and forehead. Blend this all out and keep blending until everything is airbrushed looking and perfect 🙂 
  • Apply peachy or pink tone blush and some highlighter!
  • Fill in your eyebrows and prime your eyelids with eye primer or concealer.

Before you start on your eyes, you will need a fluffy eyeshadow brush, a flat top brush and a small blending brush.

  • Taking the fluffy brush, blend a soft brown colour into your crease from outer corner to inner corner and blend upwards.
  • IMG_3471IMG_3473
  • Using setting spray or eyedrops, wet the flat brush and then apply an eyeshadow highlight all over the lid.
  • IMG_3474IMG_3475
  • Go back in with the fluffy brush and go over just the crease area.
  • Using a medium brown shadow and the small blending brush, apply this to the outer ‘V’ of your eye and up into the crease and blend back and forth.
  • IMG_3478IMG_3477
  • Use the bigger blending brush to blend some more and add more depth!
  • Apply some eyeliner (not necessary), mascara and falsies which again are not necessary!
  • IMG_3480IMG_3481
  • If your comfortable with it, blend either of the brown shadows under your lower lashline.

For lips you can just apply some chapstick or a nude lipstick!! ❤

Stay Beautiful, XO


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SS’14 Makeup Trend <3

SS’14 Eye shadow Trend.

This year’s new makeup trends are going all the way back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. It started on the runways over the past few weeks at all the main fashion shows and soon every main makeup brand was doing it. Ladies you are either going to say goodbye to liner or you are going to be saying hello to a bold wing and some major lipstick action!!!

Yes you read that right; the new trend is big smokey shadow that is a perfect mess that goes not only up by your brow bone but also underneath your lower lashline. You don’t need eyeliner for this type of look because it’s all about being a 70’s film star this season and you will all look perfect. Adding some false lashes will add that extra sexiness to the eye and make you the perfect screen siren. Practice makes imperfect in this case 😉

Suki Waterhouse was spotted wearing this look on the Burberry SS14 Runway recently and as always looked flawless. tumblr_n2fl6apb3M1r7w450o1_500 Source: Google

If you are an eyeliner lover like myself and cannot see yourself wearing this look every day, eyeliner is perfectly acceptable too. But in our case it would be big bold black liner and bold lips. We take it back to the 50’s and 60’s glamour 😉 We are all about the ‘Marilyn’ within us!  For that 60’s look it’s all about colour and being smudged to perfection this season ladies so get your ‘Twiggy’ on!!

Celebs like Suki Waterhouse love this look and she can be seen wearing it in most of her photo-shoots. She has that ‘Twiggy’ look that all we girls crave and she pulls it off stunningly.

Suki Waterhouse Source: Getty Images

Scarlett Johansson falls into this trend all year round and she always looks amazing. Thick, black, winged liner, false lashes and the best red lipstick you own and you are good to go.

marilyn monroe Source: Google

Happy April Fools, XO


Lauren’s Way False Lashes Review <3

I currently own two pairs of ‘Lauren’s Way’ eyelashes. Both pairs were part of gift I received at Christmas, and right away I couldn’t wait to try them out. At first glance I knew they were going to be my new go to favourite lashes to use. I have the ‘Daytime Dazzle’ which I wear during the daytime just to add that extra bit to my make up look and ‘Midnight Diva’ when I’m wearing more a glammed up makeup look, especially on a night out. They are light weight and very easy to apply and the packaging is the same hard plastic case used with M.A.C Lashes. When I wear these falsies I get endless compliments on how beautiful and natural they look. This is because they fit your entire top eyelid so all your natural eyelashes are covered. Another great thing about these are the price, they are £6.95 for british customers, or €9.99 for Irish customers. I cannot speak highly enough about these LW products, as you can probably guess from my previous post on their tanning line, but these products are so reasonably priced for the quality you get out of them.

http://www.laurensway.com/categories/lw-lashes/ -This is the link to the actual website, all prices are listed in GBP.

http://www.tanandbeauty.ie/ -This is the link for Irish buyers, all listed in Euros.

Happy Spending, xoxo