Knowing your Skintone.

It has been two months since my last post and because we’re now in a new year I want to start fresh on my blog. This means I plan on having at least  3 posts a week for you guys 🙂

Today’s post is going to be about skin tones and how to determine whether you are warm, cool or neutral. Have you ever bought a foundation or top and wondered why the colour looks so wrong all the while another colour looks amazing on you? Well this post will help you!

The first step to grasping undertones is knowing the skin’s surface is the colour you would describe yourself as; ivory, light, tan, dark ect. And then realising that the undertone lies beneath your skin. While you may have the same skin colour as someone else you can have a completely different undertone. It is broken down like so:

  • Cool: Pink, red, blue-ish undertones
  • Warm: Yellow, peachy, golden undertones
  • Neutral: a mix of warm and cool undertones

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Everyday Skincare Routine! <3

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you my everyday skincare routine that I follow religiously! I find it really helps me achieve that soft, extra clean face that is blemish free every day 🙂

ps. Lack of posts is because my camera was broken so I couldn’t upload any pictures #majorsadface! But I’m back now so, thumbs up for more posts!! ❤

To start off I should tell you what type of skin I have, Normal-Oily Skin! My O-zone (mouth and chin) tends to get oily whereas the rest of my face is normal.

  • First off I wash my face with warm water every morning to open my pores so I can get a deep cleanse!
  • I use a mask to refresh my skin, I don’t leave it on for the recommended time of 15 minutes because it can irritate, so instead I wash it off after about 1 🙂 I use the one below!

skin The Body Shop Blue Corn 3-IN-1 Deep Cleansing Mask.

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