Irish Beauty Show Haul <3

Last weekend I had the privilege of going on to the Irish Beauty Show, courtesy of my friend Áine who got myself, herself and two of our other friends passes into the exhibit. We attended on Sunday March 9th, and the night before we also went to see the amazing Beyoncé in the O2. SHE IS PERFECT. (Such a major girl crush).

Anyways, I ended up buying quite a few items while at the show and thought it would be good to do a post on them and what I make of them. I will try to make a more posts on the items individually, particularly of swatches. 🙂

If you are a reader of the Suzanne Jackson’s blog, So Sue Me, then you know that she is the Irish ambassador for CrownBrushUK. She has been raving about their products for along time, especially their cream concealer and contour palette. I picked this up at their stand, and have been in love ever since. It has become my favourite newest thing that I have added to my collection. The colours in the palette will really suits any skin colours because they have such a wide range! While I was at the CrownBrush stand I also got too meet Sue, (I love how I shorten her name, like as if we’re friends… I WISH), and she couldn’t have been nicer to everyone who approached her. She made time for everyone and I got to take two selfies with her 😉 ‘PEACEAND POUT’ she said! Image

I also got to buy Babydoll cosmetics eyelashes which I cannot wait to start wearing they look amazing!!

The Kardashian Khroma Kollection was also on sale so I bought Kim’s Kardazzle palette. I am obsessed with the Kardashians, especially Kim (she is so beautiful), so I had to buy her onw of course ;). I will do a complete eye look with these shadows soon, as well as using the blush that comes with it which is also becoming my favourite blush. It’s so pretty.

Eye pigments were being sold for so cheap up there that I picked up two, a rose gold colour and a copper colour. I cannot wait to use these especially during the summer months!

Ciara Daly is a brand of makeup brushes and if you watch Jaclyn Hill’s tutorials on youtube then you know that she loves her flat-top Kabuki brush from Sigma. Well this stand were selling one, much to my pleasure. I bought one and have not put it down since. It makes my foundation FLAWLESS.

I have a little obsession when it comes to teeth, they are the first thing that I notice about someones appearance (and their brows!) because I think that it is really important to look after your teeth for not only hygienic reasons but also for cosmetic reasons. Because of this when I was at the beauty show I bought the new Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste. It’s black in colour which made me a little skeptical but after using it for a week I have already noticed a difference in the colour of my own teeth. They are so much brighter! I will also try do a post on the progression of this and how to use the toothpaste as a whitener.


I will put links below to where you can buy all these products ❤

I also would like to say a massive Happy St.Patrick’s Day!  xoxo