Walt Disney World Orlando Tips for First Timers!

This is my follow on post from my 7 day itinerary and in this post I’m going to share all my tips for first timers visiting WDW Orlando. It was my first time there in January and I definitely learned a few things while there and I hope this helps you too! For some WDW pictures be sure to check out my previous post or my instagram.


When planning your trip to Florida you want to get the best experience. In my opinion that doesn’t involve walking around huge theme parks in 30C+ heat in extreme humidity during summer when they are most busy. Research the weather all year round, after all Floria is the sunshine state so you’re going to get sun no matter what time of year you go but the intensity of that sun will vary. We went in January, the end to be precise. Christmas is over and we went after MLK weekend so the crowds were minimal and the weather was amazing. We were able to still wear summerish clothes and walk around the parks without sweating!


Food in WDW is expensive, you’re looking at about $4 for a bottle of Coke or water which is crazy and even more if you are thinking of buying hotdogs or anything from the food carts. If you go to the park you’re going to be there for pretty much the entire day so I would definitely recommend bringing a backpack with some snacks and bottles of water in them this will save a ton of money. Eating at the restaurants there can range in price but if you bring a packed lunch you’ll only need to eat there once during the day which won’t set you back a ton!

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