OG Harley Quinn Halloween Look🎃

Hey beauts, so last year I went as Harley Quinn modified for halloween. Modified meaning I wore my hair half up, half down rather that two pigtails. I loved it and it was so easy. I got my inspiration from Madeyewlook on youtube, shes AMAZING!!!! Enjoy and Happy Halloween. X

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Products Used:

  • Snazaroo face paint trio, black, white and red.
  • white contacts
  • fake blood
  • smokey eye and red lip, I extended the lip to pay homage to the Joker.

Down below is some links to shorts that were similar to the ones that I wore. I bought mine on ebay but unfortunately they cant be bought anymore.

Xo, K.

My Favourite Album of the Year.

I was tagged by my AH-MAH-ZING friend Joe to do this post. Check out his blog here >>


2014 was a great year for music. We had some great songs that defined the year and lots of newcomers. But the person who stood out for me is Ed Sheeran and his album ‘X’. I think it is safe to say that he is one of the greatest artists of our generation. In my opinion he is our generations answer to the great artists like Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury. Ed’s music is so relatable no matter what age you are. Whether you are 16 or 66 you will find a connection with his songs.

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